Practice Design #2

 Hey all so here is design #2 in the practice series, the sequence got a little messed up but i hope you can figure it out, the 2nd photo is the finish, and the 3rd is the start of it all. 

after i did the first design practice i decided to make them all be less than 14" high and less than 11" wide so they are big enough for a standard 11x14" frame if you pick one up at a art store and pop the glass out of, also doing designs smaller than this will compress the strokes which small c and s curves can be tricky the tighter they are.

I do most of all my designs with a single guideline down the center but feel free to add more guides if you need or want, if you do that i recommend also doing that to the design reference photo (like the last one)

here is the downloadable PDF file

I used white paper but i do not recommend that if you are a beginner/novice. you can use Glass, clear plastic like dura-lar, metal. i used a king 13 size 000 and 1shot for this with 1shots reducer, up on my youtube will be a video of me doing this in real time but i did cut out me paletting between each stroke which eats up time. the recording stopped halfway thru and i didnt notice but i did continue to get photos of each step.

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