Practice Design #1

Hey all!

So i decided to start the Practice designs up again, this helps me out as much as it may help others more time spent behind a brush makes the world go round right? at least for me it does.

Ok so you may be wonder what is this all about? If you are into pinstriping beginner, novice etc. Ever feel stuck on designs, these may help that. By looking at others designs, and seeing how they are built it may inspire us to try a new move out or may kick that art block to the curb. I encourage you to use this design for practice, you can print out the last page, blow it up shrink it down, put it behind glass, or transfer it on metal, paint it upside down, side ways etc etc and paint it step by step. It is way hard to copy someone else's design so don't worry about making it perfect the first go around, this is all in 1 color, maybe you can be inspired to add the next, all being your own moves!

I will try to load these up weekly.

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