The panel jam held at the World Of Wheels car show in Milwaukee Wisconsin has been the home for the Pinstripe Legends panel jam & charity Auction for 20 years.
Each February artists from around the country travel to the chilly north to not only raise money for the Children's Hospital art therapy programs but they also honor an artist with the lifetime achievement award. This year, they inducted Todd Hanson, a great friend of mine and someone who not only has helped me tremendously in my art journey, but for decades has helped, taught, mentored, inspired many artists globally.
Todd Hanson Pinstriping


Todd blazed a new trail of pinstripe styling, with his in-your-face bold, eye shocking designs that in no way resembles the traditional forms of pinstriping from the past. This new style is easily seen now influencing artist old and new world wide.

Not only has he dedicated decades to the art of pinstriping and lettering, but he has also developed a great pinstriping brush one that I use exclusively the King 13 made by Mack Brush. With its slightly shorter hairs than the Mack series 20 &10, and the extra twist the makers of the brush use while setting up the hairs make it ideal for tight turns, making it a great versatile brush for long lines and designs.

Thank you Todd for everything you have contributed to this industry!!!!

Here are some photos from the event, i didnt take many because i was painting a lot.

Pinstriping Piece by Jen

Piece i brought to the show

i got to paint next to these talented ladies Kendra and Cassie from Colorado

Art of Del Swanson

Art of Del Swanson


Pinup and car drawn by Michalia Jo Swanson

Pinup and car drawn by Michalia Jo Swanson, i added the pinstriping to it
 piece done by Dewayne Connot
a piece done by Dewayne Connot, Pinstripe Legend

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