Great TX Panel Jam

Great TX Panel Jam



Over 11 years I've been going to various charity jams across the country. Years ago, I was invited to participate in the Jim Crawfords panel jam at the Dallas Autorama benefiting the Scottish Rite Children's Hospital of TX. Since the first time I was down there I fell in love with the jam, it's on the smaller side compared to other ones but the people, fellow artist really are what made it hit home for me. I've grown to call them my Tx family. I got the chance to go a few times then things of course changed in 2020, shows were cancelled but the spirit of the jam lived on. 


great texas panel jam dallas autorama


Here it is 2024, The jam has a new name called the "Great Texas Panel Jam", and a few new faces that are helping run the event. But the friendly, family feeling has not changed one bit. 

I flew out on Thursday, almost missed my flight over my beloved screwdriver. if you do not follow me on FB you are missing out on the video of me talking about that saga. But i made it down to TX in one piece with my screwdriver tucked safely away in my car in the long-term parking lot back in Harrisburg PA. 


Day 1 of the Jam. 

Flying into a event one can not bring all the supplies you typically need for painting but the jam had the out of towners covered pretty well. I scoped out the panels that were available to us to paint and i selected a wood cabinet door.. it was Tiki Time!  

start of tiki painting project -hot rod jen



before i got to the jam Friday morning i sketched this little tiki guy up in my hotel room. I figured at some point over the weekend i wanted to paint a tiki so this door was fitting. 



Finished tiki piece and onto piece #2



Crossover pinstriping piece by Hot Rod jen



crossover pinstripe piece, I usually try to do these for auctions they raise a fair about on money for the charity and i enjoy doing them. I never used this color combo on these before, the photo does not really show but these are more on the earthtone side. 



varigated gold leaf flames and pinstriping by hot rod jen



This was #3: i started this one at home by doing the Flames. everything else i did at the jam. Obviously i wasnt out of my tiki face kick yet and threw in another face on this one. 

Coffin shaped panel, pinstriping by hot rod jen



#4 I grabbed this coffin shaped panel and decided to add a cobweb on it. This past year I while I was doing my Christmas ornaments. I experiment with designs a lot when I do those and one thing, I did was a half spiderweb that led into a design. Figured this was a perfect time to take that small idea and make is a little bigger.



meeting new friends and trading artwork



its not always painting at these jams. Me and my new friend hit the scratchboard paper up and traded unicorn drawings <3 


I painted a little bit more while i was there but it was on some small items and a fellow artist's kit. 

The Jam that weekend generated over $37,000 for the charity!! that is a lot for a smaller jam. Wonderful success to its 2nd year as the Great Tx panel jam. I'll definitely be back down there for it again.

Here are some more photos from it. 







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